"God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble."

Blairlogie, Stirling, FK9 4LB, 01786 463060

Church of Scotland




Contact:   Graham Eadie, Secretary  (t: 01786 849291)   


Meet:       Fortnightly at 7:30pm in the Church Hall at Causewayhead



Our Guild meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesday from October to March in the Church Hall at 7:30pm. We are a group of 30 members with an average of 24 attending each meeting. Our speakers cover a variety of topics both serious and light hearted, from Valentine’s Day to Christian Aid. At three of our meetings we have musical entertainment inviting other local Guilds to join us. 

We support the Guild projects at home and abroad – “ feed the Minds”, “Prospects” and next year we will support “Ascension Trust”. Our fund-raising efforts over the year will be allocated to Guild Projects, Logie Kirk and Local Charities. 

Our members are a friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming group, enjoying the fellowship shared not only with our own membership but also with visiting Guilds and Church members.  Everyone is welcome to join with us.



General Information / Description of Activities

With around 30,000 members, the Church of Scotland Guild is one of Scotland's largest voluntary organisation. Although women make up the bulk of our membership, increasingly, men are becoming members and taking active roles at local and national levels. 

The current constitution of the Guild was adopted in 1997, after a major review of the present organisation's predecessor, the Woman's Guild. In 2003, and again in 2010, the Guild reviewed its constitution to ensure more inclusive language was used and to take account of the need for flexibility in local groups. 

The Guild today

The Guild is about invitation, encouragement, commitment, and fellowship which leads to providing opportunities for continuing growth in Christian faith through worship, prayer and action.

Worship is an essential ingredient in all meetings and activities. Prayer underpins everything - and is a means of involving those members who cannot be active in other ways

Action means living out the faith through project work, exploration of the discussion topics and local involvement of groups and individual members in various aspects of Christian service.

Aims and ethos

Women and men of all walks of life meet together under our common aim:

"The Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enables them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action".

The aim has been underlined in our motto which is taken from Acts 27, verse 23: "Whose we are and Whom we serve".